Truck Driver Tax Deduction

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    If you financed the purchase of your truck and trailer
    Registration Fee
    Repairs and maintenance
    Tires, washing, oil change, cleaning supplies, repair, parts etc
    Parking fees and tolls
    Fuel tax
    If you are required to file IFTA reports (the fuel taxes you pay on the road)
    Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax
    Vehicle expenses – expenses only incurred by you!
    If these expenses aren`t reimbursed
    Annual rent payments for truck (if any)
    Repairs and maintenance
    Tires, washing, oil change, cleaning supplies, repair, parts etc
    Parking fees and tolls
    Communication expenses
    Percentage of business usage of the phone
    Percentage of business usage of the laptop/tablet
    Cell phones (full amount of payment for a year)
    Cost of the phone itself (If you bought last year)
    Tablets (If you bought last year)
    Laptops (If you bought last year)
    Payroll expenses
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    Please attach Federal and State payroll forms
    Other expenses that you incurred last year
    Expenses only incurred by you! If these expenses aren`t reimbursed
    Commission and fees
    Bank fees
    Dispatch fees
    Dispatch services can help you with finding freight, driver management, billing, and more.
    Supplies (they may include)
    Cooler or minifridge
    Fire Extinguisher
    Ice Scraper
    Coffee Pot
    Alarm clock
    Other (please itemize)
    Other expences
    Professional or Union Association Dues
    You pay fees as a member of any trucking industry organization or union
    Travel expenses
    Airfare & hotel stays
    Cargo insurance, physical damage insurance, bobtail insurance
    The cost of fuel purchases
    Cost of your licensing fee if your local or state government requires you to have a business license
    A truck driving school cost or other training or certifications to obtain and maintain your CDL
    Specialized clothing and safety gear required for your work
    If you subscribe to trucking-related publications of business-related software
    Office expenses
    Postage, Paper and pens, Calculators, Faxing and photocopying, Logbook, Other
    Equipment rental
    Other (please itemize)
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