Form Description Price per form
    Starts from
    Form 1040 US Individual Income Tax Return $125,00
    Dependents Number of Dependents (If Any) $5,00
    Form 2441 Child and Dependent Care Expenses $20,00
    If Yes
    Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement (Enter number of W-2s) $10,00
    Schedule A Itemized Deductions $60,00
    If Yes
    Schedule C Profit or Loss from Business (Enter number of businesses) $75,00
    Schedule D Capital Gains and Losses $40,00
    If Yes
    Schedule E Rental Income (Enter number of rental properties) $75,00
    Schedule F Profit or Loss from Farming (Enter number of businesses) $75,00
    Form K-1 Partner's, Shareholder's, Beneficiary's Share (Enter number of K-1s) $10,00
    Form 1099-R Distributions from Pensions (Enter number of 1099-Rs) $5,00
    Form 9465 Installment Agreement Request $40,00
    If Yes
    Form 4868 Application for Automatic Extension $15,00
    If Yes
    Form 1040X Amended Income Tax Return $60,00
    If Yes
    State Returns State Tax Returns (Enter number of state tax returns) $40,00